This page contains information about companies providing different kinds of financing software and loan servicing and management systems to the Nordic banking and finance market.

Asset risk assessment

Risk assessment is a vital part of any financial business. New software and management systems takes full advantage of Open Banking, automatically collecting key data and using AI to make fast and accurate decisions


The concept of onlinebased leasing still has a lot of traction left to gain in Scandinavia. Several fintech companies have already created future safe online platforms for "easy lease", waiting for the real breakout party to come around.


Modern loan servicing software must be both fast and flexible, but most importantly secure.

Financial services

The story about the original Finnish financing software company

Finansium Oy was an independent software development and risk management system fintech company founded in Jyväskylä, Finland 1985. This B2B provided financial information and risk assessment solutions to banks, funds, brokers, insurance companies and other financial institutions in customers in Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltic region. Finansium Oy's main expertise was handeling financial institutions' back office functions and data requirements.

Finansium Oy belonged to the same group as Samstock Oy and was later included in the buy out of the Samstock Group in 26 April 2006 (that deal also included Samstock AB). SysOpen Digia Plc bought the entire share capital of the financial software company Samstock Ltd. The total price of the acquisition was EUR 5.1 million, paid in cash.

Samstock had premises in Jyväskylä and Helsinki in Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden. Pior to the buy out the main shareholders and owners of Samstock were Juha and Raija Kainulainen, Eqvitec Technology Fund 1, and the company's CEO Juha Leinonkoski. Many of Samstock's key staff members were recruited along with the buy out to continue their work operating the financial sector in Finland and the other Nordic countries.

Today the company (group) goes under name of Digia, a software and service company that helps business customers harness data and design userfriendly digital platforms. The history of Digia has its roots SysOpen Plc (founded 1990) and Digia Ltd founded (1997). These two companies merged in 2005 and formed SysOpen Digia plc, the company that later went on buying Finansium Oy.

Since then Digia has continued grown both organically and through acquisitions, some of their latest business acquisitions are:

  • Starcut Oy - provider of digital solutions such as website, mobile app, chatbot or machine learning (2019)
  • Mavisystems Oy and subsidiary Mirosys Oy - specializes in complex Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) (2018)
  • Avarea Oy - Data and analytics company (2018)
  • Integration House Oy - Integration and Innovation company (2017)
  • Omni Partners Oy and subsidiary Oy Nord Software Ltd - Software company helpning e-retailers succeed (2017)
  • Igence Oy Ab - genuine e-commerce solutions and back-end integration (2016)

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